Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some questions you might have for us.

Q. What is is an online service, providing a One-Stop-Shop for all transportation needs, such as Car Hire services, Driver request service, Wedding car rentals, Corporate Car Pooling services, sales of Car Trackers, Office or Residential movers etc.

We have a pool of reliable cost saving vendors who provide these services and you are able to get negotiate discounted quotes for each service you have requested for all within 24 hours.

Q. Why Do I need your service, when I can source for these services on my own without you? has a wide pool of experienced service providers, who we have personally checked on their integrity and competence to deliver. We compare prices from our numerous service providers and send you the best quotes that match your budget all within 24 hours.

You can quickly and easily generate several affordable service quotes for each of our services and make a smarter decision of what service you are going for, knowing fully well that every vendor on our platform has been tested and proven to deliver.

Our vendors are located in different areas of the state: Mainland or Island, you are CERTAINLY getting a cheaper deal when you come from us, than when you approach them individually because of our business volumes.

Q. You have given me several quotes and I have made up my mind the preferred quote. What happens next?

Great ! Once you have decided on the cost of the service, the Vendor is immediately contacted and notified. The Service provider would reach out to immediately to carry out the service.

After service has been carried out, you would be expected to make the vendor directly for the service rendered

Q. I love the Car Hire service, but why should I book for a car hire service on, when there are popular Ride hailing apps, such as Uber, Taxify, etc

The advantage of booking your car hire service with us are as follows:
  • Our rates are negotiated & pre-determined before the journey starts and so easy to budget for, even if there is high traffic.
  • You can book our rides for the whole day or half a day and even get far better prices than any alternate ride apps
  • Our rides are available for journeys within Lagos State and out of Lagos states.
  • You don’t need to fear during surges, we have already agreed on a price before the journey commenced
  • If you need bulk delivery of items, you can use our service and be sure of a better cost too.
  • Our cars are neat, well maintained.
  • There are no cancellations, there are cars available in any part of Lagos.

Q. I need a driver for just a day. Is this possible?

Yes! We can provide drivers for just a day. We can also provide quality drivers for you permanently and have them replaced for you within 2 months, if you do not like their service. This is done at no extra cost to you.

Q. How quickly get I have a driver if I request for one?

It typically takes about 24 hours from the time the request is received. Qualified drivers would be sent to you almost immediately.

Q. What does Driver Verification Service mean??

Driver Verification Service is a dedicated service, which aims at doing some background checks on your new or existing driver. We check for the driver’s character as well as get a detailed Police Report on your driver before you engage their service

Q. I need a bus hire and service?

We have well maintained buses for this. Simply fill out the request form and we shall contact you immediately for you detailed need and the cost.

This service could be for church bus shuttles, School bus shuttles, staff bus shuttles. Whatever the purpose, we guarantee you the best prices.